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Good evening lovely lot ✨

I know I keep banging on about the weather every week… but seriously folks, what is going on? Enough of the cold rain and wind that makes me shrink into my puffer like a wee penguin. 🐧

Lots of popping content this week so let’s get to it ⬇️

Happy reading! 🤓

First Times 👏

  • Isabelle Walker on the Hampstead secretary who wrote her debut novel during her lunch hour for Ham & High.

Environment 🌳

  • Melissa Au on the need to decolonise environmentalism for Earth.

Culture 🖼

  • Steven Hughes’s personal essay on how it felt to repurchase his flute after selling it two years ago for Pulse Magazine.

  • Katie Heyes talks about Stephen Speilburg’s new film remake of West Side Story for Indiependent.

  • Caitlin Tilley’s talks to Matthew Risbridger about what it’s like to be a paint tester, for Insider.

  • Maddy Raven talks about TRAMP STAMPS and their rise to TikTok fame for Empoword Journalism.

  • Sarah Harris talks about why Muslim women are tired of hiding their periods during Ramadam for Cosmopolitan.

Politics 🗳

  • Yasmin Al-Najar on the problem with the misogyny hate crime law for Guap.

  • Also for Shout Out U.K, Al-Najar talks about why some people don’t think the US will leave Afghanistan.

  • Lauren McGaun’s interview with Bob Buxton from the Yorkshire Party, who is running to be West Yorkshire’s first mayor, for Empoword.

Sport ⚽️

  • Aiden Boyer gives the lowdown on Man City’s Champion’s League semi-final match with Paris Saint-Germain F.C. Have a read here.

🚧 Projects & Call Outs 📢

  • Anthony Cheng has released a new video version of his podcast, The Open Door. It’s a conversation with Jasmine Lo, creative writer and Third Culture Kid. Take a peak!

  • Jordan Shephard has launched his own website, featuring an article on the American cultural appropriation of Irish and Scottish history and the backlash and growing discontent.

Podcasts 🎧

  • Freelancing for Journalists has a new webinar coming up on how to use TikTok as a journalist with Neve Gordon-Farleigh on 9 June. Get your tickets now!

    That’s all for this week folks! 👋

    The ☕️ pot

    Fi x

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